Discover the SafeLearn LMS – What is the GuideMe Mode
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Discover the SafeLearn LMS – What is the GuideMe Mode

SafeLearn offers a total of 21 ECDIS Type-Specific Training courses in its portfolio, utilising powerful features that enhance the high-quality training material to provide a great learning experience to the user, any time and from any place in the world. All courses carry the manufacturer’s approvals, a significant feature which validates SafeLearn’s professionalism over the years.

In this series of short articles, we will explore the features used in our courses, and how these enhance the learning process of the trainee.

The GuideMe Mode

Defined as the core of SafeLearn’s training, through this mode, the trainee can access all the training material (tutorials).

The GuideMe mode offers a three-level structure. This structure is divided into Modules, Units and Topics. Under this structure, the trainee can navigate through the different sections of the course with ease. The user can revisit sections and areas at any point throughout the tutorial, without any disturbances and enjoy high-quality training any moment he or she chooses.

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