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Yacht Chef The Essentials

Course Description

As a Yacht Chef, talent, imagination, flexibility, and a proactive attitude are prerequisites in order to succeed. On a yacht, challenges arise more often than encountered on land and prompt response is necessary.

Yacht chefs must be extremely organized and have excellent knowledge of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) rules. They should be able to manage the food budget, have an extensive repertoire of international cuisine, and deal with the galley accounts

Module 1: HACCP
Module 2: Time Management & Organizational Skills
Module 3: Service
Module 4: Cuisine Categories
Module 5: Assembling a Menu

Course Objectives

With this course the chef on board a yacht will be able to:

  • Control potential hazards and avoid food contamination.
  • Select the best possible food supplier and value-for-money products.
  • Maintain the available budget and prevent food waste.
  • Manage time onboard efficiently.
  • Select the most suitable service method for each situation.
  • Implement cooking practices based on country, culture and religion.
  • Develop international menus to provide your guests with unique dining.

Course Details

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Course Title – Yacht Chef: The Essentials
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