SkySails Vessel Performance Manager (V-PER) - Online Training Course

SkySails Vessel Performance Manager (V-PER)

Course Description

SkySails Vessel Performance Manager (V-PER) is an online training course created by SkySails Marine Performance GmbH. It provides the crew onboard a vessel with relevant and reliable real-time information, to support them in decision making and familiarise seafarers with the installed equipment. SkySails Vessel Performance Manager (V-PER) course features video tutorials, FreePlay, Glossary, TestMe and certification.

About SkySails Marine Performance

SkySails Marine Performance (SMP) builds upon a long-standing and in-depth experience in marine data acquisition and evaluation as well as process automation. Τo-date SMP’s solutions have been installed on vessels of almost any type and size: From 3,500 dwt mini-bulkers through 50,000 dwt tankers, large container vessels and feeder ships to OSVs and CTVs. SkySails Marine Performance portfolio ranges from single measurement solutions like main engine consumption monitoring to complete performance management systems including auxiliary and boiler as well as collecting torque data.

Equipment Covered

  • V-PER Software: SkyMaster_V3.07.04_Ardmore
  • Training package to run on VM: 191015 V-PER Simulator Package (contains autostart remover, SQL-Database and V-PER Simulator)

Course Details

  • Certificate Validity: Indefinite
  • Course Language: English
  • Price incl. VAT – 139, 20 €


  • Module 1: Report Manager – Overview
  • Module 2: V-PER Hardware Structure
  • Module 3: V-PER Settings
  • Module 4: V-PER Live Data View
  • Module 5: Log Entries
  • Module 6: Voyage Management – Voyage Creation
  • Module 7: Voyage Management – Voyage Reporting