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SkySails Vessel Performance Manager (V-PER)

Course Description

This is an online training course created by SkySails Marine Performance GmbH. The Vessel Performance Manager or V-PER provides the crew onboard a vessel with relevant and reliable real-time information, to support them in decision making.

SkySails Marine Performance GmbH (SMP) builds upon a long-standing and in-depth experience in marine data acquisition and evaluation as well as process automation. Τo-date SMP’s solutions have been installed on vessels of almost any type and size: From 3,500 dwt mini-bulkers through 50,000 dwt tankers, large container vessels and feeder ships to OSVs and CTVs.

  • Module 1: Report Manager – Overview
  • Module 2: V-PER Hardware Structure
  • Module 3: V-PER Settings
  • Module 4: V-PER Live Data View
  • Module 5: Log Entries
  • Module 6: Voyage Management – Voyage Creation
  • Module 7: Voyage Management – Voyage Reporting

Course Details

  • Certificate Validity – Indefinite
  • Price incl. VAT – 139, 20 €

Equipment Covered:

  • V-PER Software: SkyMaster_V3.07.04_Ardmore
  • Training package to run on VM: 191015 V-PER Simulator Package (contains autostart remover, SQL-Database and V-PER Simulator)