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Course Description
The NSO Evo2 is a chartplotter navigation system, ideal for powerboats and sport fishing. This online training course provides every individual the opportunity to learn all about the system's various functions and gain the necessary knowledge and confidence to it. NSO Evo2 is suitable for beginners and experts since it includes basic operational functions and advanced applications for cruising. This online course gives you the great opportunity to watch video tutorials illustrating the real device's software – this means you can go through the screens and menus of the very same manufacturer's software you will use onboard a yacht. The guided video tutorials are created by highly educated mariners, specifically for you. The extensive glossary is directly linked to the corresponding training instructions. After passing the test, a valuable certification of competence will be at your disposal.
Course Objectives
This online course aims to refresh the designated Skipper on the principles of navigation. The course is also available after its completion and can be used as a reference manual for the chartplotter during the charter period.
Suitable For
Recreational sailors
Equipment Manufacturer
Simrad Yachting’s range of products covers recreational vessels of all sizes, from small runabouts and sportfishing vessels up to luxury cruisers and superyachts. With a rich history spanning back to 1946, Simrad Yachting was born from the union of many distinguished pioneers in marine technology. Today Simrad Yachting offer a range of sophisticated auto steering, navigation and safety products with a commitment to deliver the most forward-thinking and practically-designed equipment on the market.
Equipment Covered
  • Course Access: 7 days / 3 months / 6 months
  • Certificate: Indefinite
  • Language: English
  • Price excl. VAT: from 39,99 €
Accreditations & Approvals
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