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Mastering Daily Navigation

Course Description

Mastering Daily Navigation online course combines essential aspects that every officer of the watch should know, with practical onboard scenarios. Furthermore, it focuses on refreshing necessary knowledge to ensure safe navigation and give every officer the ability to identify and judge related situations accurately.

  • Module 1: Basic Mathematics in Navigation
  • Module 2: Lines and Coordinates on the Earth’s Surface
  • Module 3: ECDIS Mindset

Course Objectives

While the rapid advancement of the navigational equipment continuously improves the overall safety of navigation, bridge officers face a new kind of challenge. The latest technological shifts often lead to over-reliance on machines and the classical navigation moves out of focus. Combined with the complexity of the equipment interface, it is becoming increasingly clear that watchkeeping officers must be able to practice classical navigation concepts in conjunction with modern-day technology.

In doing this course:

  • Cadets will benefit from combining their theoretical knowledge with practical, real-life scenarios.
  • Officers will be allowed to refresh their knowledge and stay up to date with modern navigation.
  • Experience Captains will be able to get a fresh view on how to combine classical navigation with modern-day technology.

Course Details

  • Certificate Validity – Indefinite
  • Net Price – 60,00 €
  • Price incl. VAT 71,40 €
Special Offer 35,70 € (only until the 30th of June)