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Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Perseverance Training

Course Description

Develop your perseverance skill as a seafarer and improve your ability to maintain an optimal level of effort until tasks are completed successfully. This course represents 1 of 5 soft skill courses in the complete Coping Under Pressure Training Package.

Employers across various industries are now incorporating seafarer’s level of soft skills into their crewing decisions. The Soft, “non-technical skills” are increasingly important on board due to the rapidly changing workforce and automation of technical tasks. Additionally, maritime accident investigations indicate that a lack of soft skills and human error is the most common reason behind accidents at sea.

Perseverance involves having the capacity to persist on a course of action for an extended period of time, despite the presence of obstacles or challenges such as fatigue, boredom or distractions. It constitutes of determination and self-discipline of not giving up until you complete your tasks.

Seafarer Perseverance Training presents the perfect opportunity for you as a seafarer to be proactive and showcase that you are ready to meet the industry’s modern-day demands.

Course Objectives

To understand the importance of maintaining an optimal level of effort until tasks are completed

This course is ideal for

This course is suitable for all officer ranks onboard, including:

  • Management Level Deck Officers
  • Operational Level Deck Officers
  • Management Level Engine Officers
  • Operational Level Engine Officers

Learning Outcomes

Module 1: Visualises the importance of perseverance to achieve a goal through the historical context of the “Marathon”.
Module 2: The second module derives the importance of a higher motivation and shows how to utilize it.
Module 3: The third module concludes with practical tips to apply it to the daily challenges.


Willingness to evolve and develop yourself personally and professionally.


Module 1: Perseverance is like running a marathon
Module 2: Commitment, motivation and determination
Module 3: Choose your battles

Course Details

  • Course Duration: 60 days
  • Timeframe: Approx. 10min
  • Language: English
  • Certificate: Yes (valid indefinite)
  • Strong Authentication: No
  • Daily test attempts: 2
  • Min % of progress on GuideMe to access TestMe: 90%
  • Min % of passing the TestMe: 100%
  • Total test time: 30 min
  • Price excl. VAT: 15,00 €